Welcome! Thanks for dropping by.  My name is Andy Hawthorne, you can read about me here. I’m a freelance copywriter that produces… web copy that works well, for example. Or articles, press releases, what ever you need.

I write copy. In particular, I write website copy that persuades and informs. 

Andy Hawthorne - web copywriter

As a freelance copywriter, I’m on a mission to provide you with the words that work for your business.

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freelance copywriter in Coventry
Freelance copywriter

You need words.

But not any old words. You need words that work well for their purpose.
The words might need to sell, persuade or inform.

We can all write and you are no exception. The trouble is: you’ve got other things you could be doing.

Why not let me write those pesky words for you? So that you can crack on with the stuff you do best.

Content, it’s all about the content

I’m a website guy – that’s fair to say. I’ve been creating them for 20 years.
But any website is only as good as its content. Which is why I can solve your content problems – as well as developing the website itself.

You need a return on your website investment. So, making sure your website gets traffic is vital.

That will need your website content to meet the latest SEO requirements. That’s part of a content writers job as far as I’m concerned.

So, if it’s words you need, why not get in touch for a no obligation discussion?

Choose your words…

Website copy

It’s one thing having a great looking website. But what about the content? 

Blog posts/articles

Content is still king. and informative blog posts and articles are still a big part of that.


If you are from an agency, get in touch because I provide a range of copy and content writing services.

Landing pages

Specific pages for your visitors to click through to – with relevant calls to action. 


Small sites for a specific purpose still need great content.


Emails and newsletters form an important part of your content marketing strategy.

…Or tell me what you need