My name is Andy Hawthorne and I’m a freelance copywriter based in Coventry, England.

I work from home and that’s my preference. I’ll come and visit for meetings but in-house working is not for me (unless there’s a really good reason).

This digital age we live in means I can work for businesses all over the UK – and I’m happy to do that.

My rates

It depends what you want me to do. To give you an idea, my day rate is £300 or £180 for a half day.

Some types of work will fit into this model well. I generally don’t work by the hour.

I will offer a project price – where it makes sense. The best thing to do is contact me with your requirements.

Am I right for your project?

You might think my rates are on the high side. Well, I can’t bring them down because:

  • I thoroughly research all the copy I write
  • I’ll block out the time I’ve promised to you
  • I’ll work hard with you to achieve your requirements
  • I like being able to pay my bills

If I reduce how much work I do the quality will suffer – and I will never comprimise on the quality of my output. I think you’ll find that my rates are competitive. Procopywriters offer this advice on rates for copywriters in the UK.