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Why is blogging from your tablet so hard?

When I’ve finished work I don’t want to sit behind a laptop any longer. So, I write using my iPad. Publishing my work is a nightmare, let me explain…

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Why does copy cost so much?

It could be shocking when you find out how much it will cost to have a copywriter write for you. Here’s where the cost comes from…

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Plain English, please

I was rewriting some web page content for a client today. Being honest, it offended my plain English aims. Here’s how plain English helps any copy…

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Bullet journal

How a bullet journal has improved my workflow

No, I don’t use a weapon of any kind. I mean a bullet journal that you write or type in. Using bullet points, in other words. Let me explain…

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Why creative writing is good for copywriting

You’ll notice that I publish poems and short stories here too. That might seem strange but creative writing does help. let me explain…

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How to create evergreen content

You may come across the phase: evergreen content. It means content that doesn’t fall out of fashion or lose relevance.

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How poetry helps your creative writing skills

Creative writing is one type of writing copywriters can identify with. The thing is though, to do it well you have to practice. And one way to practice is to write poems, here’s why.

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Adjectives and why we should kill most of them

You’ll remember that adjectives are describing words. But that means they can get in the way of the purpose of your writing. So, we should kill them – here’s why.

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Why weak content kills your search rankings

All the major search engines reward quality content. But it’s not always obvious what they mean by quality content – or how it affects your search rankings.

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How to help Google like your content

The content on your website isn’t working.

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