You may come across the phase: evergreen content. It means content that doesn’t fall out of fashion or lose relevance.

Using content without a shelf-life is useful for your website. It’s a way to draw visitors back again and again.

So, if you get it right, it’ll keep drawing traffic for months to come. And then you can focus on some current content to provide well-rounded information.

So, the idea behind evergreen content is: it’s content that’s timeless. It’s search-optimised, though. But it won’t feel like a sales pitch to your visitors.

Writing evergreen content

To begin with, it’s all about the subject. If you write about hot topics, interest will fade as the newsworthiness of the topic fades.

So, you need to find a subject that will last. That means steering away from the popular now stuff and aiming for a more generic subject.

That can be difficult when writing a blog post. Blog posts by definition, gain value when they are topical.

The ultimate score then, is to choose a topic that is current and will last.

evergreen content
Evergreen content

What makes content evergreen?

For content to have staying power, it needs to be as true months from now as it is today.

Imagine reading your article in six months time. Will it still feel relevant? Will the information still be useful?

Work your content so that the answer is yes and you’ve got evergreen content.

What’s it’s value?

Information about the products you sell will be useful to your visitors.

If the information is wide-ranging enough it’ll still be valid in months from now. That means your readers can come back and reference it again and again.

And each time they come back, you stand a chance of hitting one of your business goals.

Long term content mixed with time-sensitive stuff strikes a nice balance. That will help to make your content feel alive.

You need a mix of timely and evergreen content on your website. That way, your visitors will come back to see the information that is still relevant months from now. As well as reading up-to-the-minute stuff covering the situation as it stands.

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