You’ll notice that I publish poems and short stories here too. That might seem strange but creative writing does help. let me explain…

I first started writing poems many years ago. Recently, I started again to help with inspiration for my writing in general. 

There are several key areas where creative writing helps copywriting. 

Oh, to be clear, creative writing in this context refers to poetry and fiction writing. 

How creative writing helps copywiritng
Creative writing

Formal structure

When I write a poem I use a poetic form, Often it’s a Sonnet. Other times a Roundel or Ballard. 

The point is: there are rules for those poetic forms. 

I’m not a fan of free verse. for exactly the reason that it doesn’t follow any rules.

So, you write your poem inside those rules. But you still get to be creative. 

Copywriting needs structure too. It won’t work writing the first thing that comes into our heads. 

Format and structure helps us craft persuasive copy that does the job. 


It’s often said that good copy tells a story. There’s no better rehearsal for writing stories than… well, writing one. 

I write fictional short stories as well as poems. It gives me good creative practice because:

  • I need to come up with an idea first
  • Then I need to write within that idea
  • And I need to tell the story

Identifying the reader

Another aspect to writing poetry and fiction is: you have to understand who your readers are. 

That happens to be the first thing a copywriter has to consider too. 

The main difference being: a piece of copy will be persuading, informing and or selling. 

You don’t need to do that with a poem (although you could).

Ideas development

I often get the idea for a poem in a brief moment. I get the gist of it down using whatever I have to hand (often my iPhone). 

The raw idea can then be re-worked, improved on and turned into a finished piece.

That’s not a million miles away from creating a piece of copy.

Creative writing IS copywriting

That’s a fair argument. 

Writing with creative flair is what copywriters need to do all the time. 

By taking on different styles of writing, we add to our ability to craft copy. And that’s regardless of what the purpose of the copy is. 

The bottom line…

The inclusion of poems and short stories on my website is to improve my copywriting – pure and simple.

That’s how I keep my writing sharp and also stay creative. 

If you’d like to put that to the test, why not give me a shout?