The fact is: everyone writes. It’s true that you can string together a few sentences that talk about what your business does well. So, why do you need a copywriter?

Copywriters practice their craft by finding compelling words that sell. It’s not the same as writing it. You need to write it and sell it at the same time.

Finding the time to write

Copywriters earn their leaving by finding the right words. You earn your living by doing what your business does well.

So, while you could write all the words you need yourself, it’s likely not the best use of your time.

Too close for comfort

It’s your business. You know it inside out and backwards. That means, when it comes to finding the words to sell, you are in too close.

A copywriter can take a unique view of your business. And then write from an angle that you can’t get to.

You know your business so well, you could over complicate the message. A copywriter knows how to simplify the words, yet deliver a powerful sales message.

Writing for the web isn’t common knowledge

Writing web copy is a big part of what copywriters do. It isn’t a question of typing sentences and paragraphs and hoping for the best.

Writing for the web needs a particular approach. Your skills make your business a success. Why worry about trying to figure out how to craft web copy? Let a copywriter do it.

It’s not just the web either. Any copy that is part of your marketing message needs crafting rather than writing.

SEO and other dark arts

Even if you get the writing done, what about making sure your web presence works?

The mysterious Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy can be a mind-boggling issue.

Copywriters deal with this stuff all the time. It’s part of what we do. So why not leave all that SEO stuff to the people who deal with it daily?

Finding your voice

You can talk at length to your customers and clients. You are an expert at selling what you do.

When it comes to the words part, though, it is a more complex process.

Copywriters know how to find the right voice when writing the words that compel, the words that sell.

Writing with a voice that sounds disjointed and awkward is easy. Writing with a clear, friendly voice, needs a copywriter.

Defining your calls-to-action

Compelling calls-to-action are critical to your sales effort. There are three broad steps in the sales effort:

  1. Awareness – in this step, you are telling people you exist. This is where big chunks of advertising revenues get spent.
  2. Communicate – then you need to tell your customers and clients what you can do for them.
  3. Persuade – Now it’s time to convince your customers they should buy from you.

Your calls-to-action need to work across all three parts of the sales effort.

So, now that you know why you should hire a copywriter, give me a shout.