It could be shocking when you find out how much it will cost to have a copywriter write for you. Here’s where the cost comes from…

You’ll be familiar with the old saying:

You get what you pay for…

Well, it’s true of copy too. You could pay a few quid and find someone to write a thousand words for you. 

You could.

But then, would those words be good enough? Would they serve the purpose you needed them for?

They might, I suppose. But why leave it to chance?

Anyway, let’s have a run through some of the things that add to the cost of a copywriter…

1. The words 

Even with the first draft you can expect a proper job. Spelling, grammar and the language constructs – they’ll be right.

You know they will be because the person that right them knows what they’re doing. 

It may be that you want to alter some of the words – that’s expected and fine. But you won’t have to proofread the piece. 

2. What the words say

copywriters don’t sit around all day crafting brilliant prose. They are also researchers (amongst other things). 

So, if it’s a blog post you’re after for example, a copywriter will deliver. But they’ll research the topic and make sure that what they are saying is true.

They’ll find relevant facts and figures. They’ll find check them and check them again.

A copywriter will ask to speak to the knowledge workers in your business.  – even the directors could be interviews

3. How the words sound

A copywriter will talk to you about the ‘voice’ that represents your business. In some cases it might be authoritative or friendly and easy going.

The point is, your copywriter will know how to find the tone of voice you are looking for.

Why does it matter? Because inconsistent tone of voice causes disruption. Which could lead to a negative experience for customers interacting with your business. 

4. How the words work

It’s not only about writing loads of words. Your copywriter will be able to dig out the best keywords to use.

They’ll know how to feed those keywords into the piece without the ‘stuffing’. Google doesn’t like stuffing. 

Then, there’s the flow and structure of the piece. Is it written using plain English? Does it still excite, inform and/or persuade?

Is there a well-placed call to action? again, your copywriter will be able to help you decide on that. 

So, a copywriter will craft a well balanced article or blog post etc. 

That’s what you are paying for

They are the main elements that copywriter brings to the table. They are some of the skills of the trade that will be available to you.

And one thing is sure: the copywriter didn’t develop those skills for free. Not can they afford to make them available for a couple of quid. 

We have businesses to run too.


When you see the price a copywriter charges, you’ll now see why it’s that much. 

Yes, many people could sling a few words together. But there’s a whole lot more to it than that. Which is why hiring a writer to put words to work makes sense.

If you need to hire a copywriter, why not drop me a line?