When I’ve finished work I don’t want to sit behind a laptop any longer. So, I write using my iPad. Publishing my work is a nightmare, let me explain…

There are loads of brilliant apps for writing using your iPad.

Loads of them.

I’m using the Bear editor to write this. But it hardly matters because you can choose from gazillions of others.

The writing part is fine.

Finding the right words is fine too. There are loads of apps you can use for checking spellings. Or for finding word alternatives.

So, the editing part is also fine.

What about ideas? Well, there are also loads of apps you can use for planning out your posts.

Whether you’re a mind mapper, a list maker or something else. The App Store will have an app for you.

So, we’ve:

1. Thought about it

2. Drafted it

3. Edited our draft

4. Written and rewritten it

5. …

Now all we need to do is publish the damn thing. Yeah, here’s where the fun starts.

First, it depends what platform your website runs on.

Mine is WordPress. There’s an app for that, I hear you say.

And you’d be right, there is. But is it any good? I mean really? Or is the whole experience clunky and a bit awkward?

I’d say the latter.

The writing experience is ok, just. Adding featured images works and configuring post settings is also fine.

Where the WordPress app goes wrong is: it’s not the Gutenberg editor. So, there’s no blocks support.

All you end up with is a classic edit block. Which, if you publish poems like me for example, is annoying.

You can’t use any blocks because the WordPress app doesn’t yet support them.

You could switch to using your browser. I’ve posted new stuff via Safari on iOS before. Again, it works, but you have to fight a little bit more than I’d like.

There’s a ‘but’ coming.

Here it is: but WordPress is miles better than let’s say the Ghost blogging platform when it comes to mobile publishing.

I love the Ghost blogging platform. But I can’t use it because the iOS experience is dreadful.

You have to use your laptop. Or lose countless hours trying to make the editor work. It usually results in failure.

There is no iOS app either. So, if you want to use the Ghost platform (and I really do) then get used to only using a laptop for blogging.

There is an Android app. I can’t say how good it is because I don’t use Android. But iOS users are screwed.

Which brings me to my main point. Blogging in 2019 should be a seamless experience.

In my experience I would say it nearly is. But we are not there yet.