I wrote this poem while also drafting my post about how writing poems help your writing skills in general.

I like poetry that follows at least some rules. Because writing copy has to follow some rules in the end.

Real creativity comes from being able to follow those rules but still come up with something enjoyable to read – and that serves its purpose.

Anyway, here’s the poem:

Word Up

My mind was scarred by working much too hard,
My brain ached for something easy to do,
So I wrote with rules you can disregard,
Or with rules you follow, stuck to like glue,
But either way you’ll soon get into a flow,
And the words will merge themselves into verse,
When your words sound good, you will get to know,
If they don’t, you can try them in reverse,
So while you arrange your words into shapes,
And jot your ideas as they occur,
All the pressure built up before, escapes,
You can write about the things you prefer,
Words assembled with rhythm and with rhyme
Stoke your imagination all the time.