I write poems as well as web copy. The form and structure of poetry helps me to write creative copy – it’s as simple as that, being honest.

Anyway, this poem is about the daily battle to find the right words.

Sometimes, words circle in your mind and then
They seem to fall over on their way out,
So, the writer should pause and then pause again,
To make sure it's known these words are about
A topic forged through lines of poetic style,
And this gold rush of words can slow right down,
The writer loses control and meanwhile
The prose that was smiling, now has a frown,
Writers can hope the words find their way back,
While the words pool is left arid and dry,
And the great ideas have faded to black,
Things happen that make new ideas pass by,
So, when you’ve not written for quite a while,
Let life happen, you’ll soon see it’s worthwhile.