Firing out a whole bunch of emails is easy to do. That makes email marketing one of the most effective of all marketing channels.

So far, so good.

The problems start when you realise that:

  • Email marketing campaigns take a while to set up
  • They need loads of great ideas
  • They need to be written well
  • There needs to be a strategy for building a mailing list (and it has to be GDPR compliant)

Where does an email copywriter fit in?

Without being smart, they’ll write those emails. Let’s get to some specifics:

Advice on strategy – copywriters spend a lot of time around emails. And we are all in tune with the requirements of GDPR.

The writing – copywriters will craft emails that recipients will interact with. It’s all about the click-throughs.

Help with the design – emails can be quite fancy these days. But they shouldn’t be fancier than is practical. Also, there are issues with the way different email clients handle the HTML markup. I can help you with that too.

So, if you think I can help, pop some initial info down in the form and we’ll talk: