The copy on your web pages has work to do. But if you’re thinking those pages are a good place to talk about your own business, you’d be wrong.

Flat wrong.

Your web page copy needs to speak to your customers and discuss what keeps them awake at night.

Then, you can talk about how your product or service will sort out their issues ( or at least some of them).

In fact, you need a coherent content strategy for your whole website – and that’s where I come in.

Here’s a snapshot of the type of work I can do for you:

  • Sitemap planning
  • Working with your designers and developers to optimise user journeys
  • Develop a content strategy
  • making sure SEO guidelines are met
  • Writing the actual content

Here’s a run through of services you can use me for:

Content – as a website copywriter, I’ll write content for pages, blog posts, articles and written content for download.

Proof-reading and editing – If a full re-write is not what you want, I can edit and proof existing content to achieve a better conversion rate and increase visitor interactions. I’ll also make sure your copy is readable and search engine friendly.

UX, design and build – Since I’ve spent the last 20+ years putting websites together, I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Your website can benefit from that experience.

Here’s four reasons why a website copywriter can help:

  1. Traffic – Google rewards relevant, well-written content. It goes without saying that you need to draw visitors to your website first and foremost.
  2. Leads – Once you’ve got more visitors, the content and structure of your site should do its job and generate leads. That comes from content that isn’t just a case of keyword stuffing – it’s actually useful.
  3. Bounce rate – Once you’ve done the work to get people to your website, you don’t want them leaving again because the content is poor. Quality content will solve that problem.
  4. Branding – Your website needs to follow through on your overall brand message. And it needs to do it consistently.

Let me know your requirements